Smoochie followup

Vet would have covered kitty crook’s bills


2 thoughts on “Smoochie followup

  1. You know, I’d really like to believe these people when they say they would have helped her out, but having been in a similar situation with Dub, I know all too well that you have to jump through many, many hoops to get financial assistance for emergency veterinary bills, and in the end you won’t always get it, or get it in time. Some places won’t even begin to treat your pet – even in an emergency – unless you put down a deposit… and in many cases, that deposit is several hundred dollars.

    I was lucky that I was able to borrow enough for the deposit so that he could get the emergency care he needed, which gave me time to scramble for the rest, but not everyone has the resources I did. And it’s nice that the one organization can provide up to $1,500 per animal, but what if that’s not enough? In my case, it would have been half… not including all of his follow-up treatment.

    I’m sorry, this just hits a little close to home.

  2. The fact is, it suits the Post to portray her as a batty old cat lady because it sells papers, and so it’s no surprise they’d present this in a one-sided fashion.

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