Weird stores

Lockhart Steele discusses weird stores, and he lists several that I’d like to check out.

I read a recent survey of the fashion industry, in which one prominent designer commented on his love of browsing small New York clothing boutiques. I’d like to broaden my wardrobe anyway, and I’d like to see some of these boutiques myself, but now Lockhart’s got me jonesing to look for weird stores, too.

Lockhart’s comments come by way of reading Adam Gopnik’s review of the new book, <a title=", by ” href=””>The Devil’s Playground, which chronicles the history of Times Square. Playground is just one among a handful of New York books I want to read. There’s also <a title=", by ” href=””>Waterfront, a walk around the rim of Manhattan, and <a title=", by ” href=””>Rats, a look at New Yorkers’ least-welcome neighbors.


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