I don’t cover politics in this blog, but tonight Diane Sawyer interviewed Howard Dean and Judith Steinberg Dean, and she asked Mrs. Dr. Dean about her 50th birthday. I don’t have the transcript, but I’ll paraphrase.

Diane: “For your 50th birthday, he bought you a rhododendron. That’s not exactly hearts and flowers.”

Excuse me, Diane.


What’s not hearts and flowers?

Also, Judith Steinberg Dean is a woman with a successful medical practice, and Diane quoted the Deans’ critics, saying Judith Dean should put all that on hold to traipse around the country on her husband’s coattails because that’s what wives do. I’m sorry, is this the twenty-first century, or is my watch running fast again?

This is why I pay little attention to television’s coverage of politics. It’s all so fucking vapid, it’s just never worth the time.


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