<a href="”><img class="blogimg" src="” alt=”, by ” border=”0″ align=”right”>“Rubin, unsuccessfully, kept trying to get Cash to make a version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep.'” The other remarkable quote from that article: “In preparation for the fifth disc in the American Recordings sequence, he recorded some 50 new songs after his wife, June Carter Cash, died in May. None of these songs appear on ‘Unearthed.'”

The girl wants me to add this to my Christmas list, but ain’t no way I can wait a month, dammit.


6 thoughts on “Eeeeeeee

  1. Mr. Dietsch! Comment the first: isn’t that box set prettttttty? We have a pile of them at work and I just like to look at it. I’m not even a big Cash fan (sacrilege, I know). Comment the second: it is very kind of you to have an achren-link on the side of this here blog, but I feel I should point out that the annex is so rarely updated as to be effectively nearing death. Someday the other blog will get functional ( but for now the only nattering I do is at good ol’ d-land. If you’re interested, that is. Hope all is well…M

  2. Hey, M.

    Yeah, the Cash set is a beautiful thing. Where are you working now that you get to see piles and piles of ’em?

    As for your link on the side, I didn’t put that there. I subscribe to a service that lists the most-recent links to my blog from other blogs. Since I don’t get too many people linking to me, your blog is still hanging around from a long time ago when you linked to me.

    What’s weird, though, is that even though not many link to me, the list is still incomplete. I know of a few other blogs with links to mine that aren’t in this list.

    Oh well.

  3. A month later and I remember I made this comment. Feel a little stupid about the link thing, but that’s ok. I am working in the land of retail, which sounds dreadful that way, but it’s a cd store, so it’s good, but it’s Christmas, so it sucks. Makes me miss NYC all the more, but then things happen – like amazing boys – and I stop wanting to come back. For now. Someday.

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