They’re smoking cigars

Today is my birthday. 35. I can see 40 from up here and it looks a litttle scary.

6 thoughts on “They’re smoking cigars

  1. Good happy yummy birthday wishes, Dietscher! Who loves you? I do! You are not old, you are simply closer to the ground, remember that. Have you any extremely exciting plans for the big day?
    Have a mixed drink for me and give yourself a big hug.

  2. Salam! Happy Birthday! I’m glad to see that live is going well for you in New York. I hope that you had a nice birthday. Life in Az has its ups and downs… Drop me a line sometime.
    Take care, Meghan 🙂

  3. Wait, I’m out of touch. Meghan, you’re in Azerbaijan? I think I remember you telling me you were going, but I’m not sure; I’ve been shitty about staying in touch.

    Did I tell you I have a friend from Indianapolis who now lives in Romania?

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