New York City crime stats

Poking around at crime stats on the Newsday site, I’ve come across a link to my local police precinct. I’ve seen the building pictured, but didn’t realize it was a police station. Heh.
Up-to-date neighborhood crime stats are available, in PDF format, and city-wide stats are available as well.
City-wide, crime is down dramatically over 10 years ago, if these stats are any indication. Robberies, murders, rapes, assaults–all are down, by as much as 80%. (For example, in Manhattan North, there were 306 murders reported in 1993, as compared to 60 in 2002.)
I hear a lot about Mayor Giuliani and how his policing policies helped bring about a dramatic downturn in crime in New York, but so far no one’s been able to really explain to me what happened. I really need to dig into this because I’m curious.


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