“We shall see heaven shining like a jewel.”

As noted below, last night, I finally saw the Jean Cocteau Repertory‘s production of Uncle Vanya. I was looking forward to this for two reasons: first, I’d never seen or even read any of Chekhov’s work, and that’s a cultural deficiency that actually kind of embarassed me. Vanya, of course, is among his most famous plays, and the Cocteau’s production was a perfect opportunity to go.

The second reason was because my roommate played Waffles in this production, a small comedic part in which he did a great job. The cast includes several gifted, veteran performers, whose expertise was enjoyable to watch. Because this production features the Cocteau’s four most experienced players, and because it’s directed by Eve Adamson, the Cocteau’s founder, Christopher recommended Vanya to me as an example of the Cocteau at its finest.

I can’t personally vouch for any of that, but I can say I had a fine time.