Antiwar rallies hinder Bush

Setbacks for US war timetable. Antiwar rallies and wariness at UN are hurdles for Bush. [Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

It’s been a busy weekend, which is why I’ve been missing from this page for the last few days.

In addition to enjoying visits from several out-of-town guests, I was among the 400,000 who rallied in New York against the Iraq war.

Or, rather, attempted to rally. I met up with friends at Third Avenue and 42nd Street and we tried to move north and then east. North was easy. East? Not so much. Police had every side street blocked up to the low 70s. We were caught in a crush of people at intersection after intersection, surging the barricades and either falling back or getting pushed back by the police.


But I was there. I added my body and my voice to the cause.

Now let’s hope it means something.