NYT on Eldred

20-Year Extension of Existing Copyrights Is Upheld. The Supreme Court ruled that the extension Congress granted to all existing copyrights might have been bad policy but fell within Congress’s authority. By Linda Greenhouse. [New York Times: Technology]

The Times piece has the advantage of less opining and more fact. I’ve really linked only to commentary up to now and not straight reporting.

Justices Breyer and Stevens dissented in this 7-2 opinion. Anyone who’s followed Justice Breyer’s career even superficially (that’d be me, of course) should be unsurprised by his dissent. Breyer makes a powerful case against copyright extension in his 1970 Harvard Law Review article, “The Uneasy Case for Copyright: A Study of Copyright in Books, Photocopies, and Computer Programs,” (84 Harv. L. Rev. 281).