Snowing in New York

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching
a quiet winter’s snow slowly gathering
like simple moments adding up?

–Cowboy Junkies

It’s snowing in New York City. My workplace closed at noon today to let employees get home before accumulations pile up. It’s coming down fast, also.

As I walked up the hill to work, snow was sprinkled on the ground like confectioner’s sugar atop a cake. Three and a half hours later, four inches had fallen.

I thought for a moment as I was leaving: What would make a great NYC snow moment? The answer was obvious: Rockefeller Plaza. I took the D train from 161st St. to the 47-50/Rockefeller Center stop. I left the train and followed the signs in to the basement/concourse area of Rockefeller Center. It was lunch hour, so the concourse was packed with salarimen and -women, taking a nosh or popping to the dry cleaners.

I took the escalator up to the lobby and walked out front, gazing up at the mammoth tree in front of me. On the ice rink, which was smaller than I imagined, were about 30 people of all ages. Almost none of them could really skate well. One poor guy must have fallen six times while I was there. I then walked over to Saks to see its Christmas window displays. Quite lovely. The store had a queue set up so people could proceed past the displays in an orderly manner.

Last night, I saw a cabaret, performed by my friends Suzanne and Natasha. That was a wonderful evening. I know these lovely ladies through Suzanne’s husband Sean McArdle, one of the nicest people I’ve met in New York. Suzanne and Natasha put on one hell of a show. My friend JOSH, also there for the performance, put it thusly: The horror and beauty of New York is that in any other city, Suzanne and Natasha would be divas, they’d be the talk of the town.

Yes, they’re that good. I’m going again tonight.