Federal info databases, la la la

Total Info System Totally Touchy. The U.S. government wants to create a massive database of Americans’ personal information to help root out terrorists. Privacy advocates cry foul, and some in the industry aren’t even sure it’s technologically feasible. By Ryan Singel. [Wired News]

What do you think? Do you want the U.S. gubmint tracking your credit card and medical data?

I just received a note in e-mail from EPIC, asking me to become a contributing member. I met some of the EPIC people when I was out in San Francisco earlier this year; they do good work, fighting for privacy rights and informing the public of privacy violations. I should seriously consider forking out the dough.

By the way, the writer of that Wired piece mentioned above? I have a cousin by that name. Wonder if it’s the same guy.


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