Redesigns, libraries, etc.

So, the site redesign and update are almost done. I need to cull dead links, tidy up the resume, and make sure all’s smooth, but it should be up very soon. Perhaps surprisingly soon.

Meanwhile. Saturday was a nice New York day for the Dietsch. I went on a tour, finally, of the NYPL in midtown. The big one with the lions, y’know. Anyway, with all the time I’d spent there, editing and stuff, it was nice to finally have a look around at the place. See things I didn’t take the time to look at when I was making it my place of employment, y’know.

I hung around after the tour and saw the NYC Eats exhibit, up on the third floor. Cool stuff. Lots of paper ephemera like menus and napkins from restaurants, diners, street vendors, and other food purveyors from New York’s history. All of this is in the Library’s collection. People don’t think of libraries collecting menus and photographs and postcards, but you’d be amazed.

I then headed down the Bowery, to CBGB’s 313 Gallery, next door to the famous rock venue. 313 had a showing of Illegal Art. The idea is to represent artists who use corporate icons, slogans, or familiar characters in ways of which their owners might not approve. So Disney-character porno cartoons, for example, or Kieron Dwyer’s riff on the Starbucks logo.

If you read this blog–yeah, both of you–you can understand why this would attract me. Creative expression depends entirely on allowing people to take ideas and concepts from other sources, filtering those ideas through their own mindware, and creating something new. This ties in perfectly with the IP and copyright and cyberlaw stuff I’ve been following. I could go on, but I’ve been drinking, and I’m not sure I’d make much sense. Also, I’m not sure either of you want to hear it.


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