I believe I’ve mentioned how much I love this city; here’s another reason why:

Tonight, I was hungry for tortellini with a nice red sauce. So just before 7:30, I set out to buy some tortellini and some sauce. I walked down the stairs of my building, turned right at the entry way, and walked up 7th Ave., about a block, to Fratelli Ravioli, a shop specializing in Italian foods. I bought some spinach tortellini, a tub of frozen sauce, a sphere of yummy fresh mozzerella, and a jar of Nutella. (Nutella might not seem Italian, but apparently it is.)

After making those purchases, I walked another block and stopped in at a store specializing in wine and spirits. A lovely young woman was conducing a wine tasting, so I sampled her offerings and selected an Argentinian red to accompany my pasta. I then walked home, arriving back at the apartment a little after 7:45.

So. In just under twenty minutes, I bought all the makings for a delicious dinner and I drank wine from the hands of a hot blonde.

I love this place.