I promised to tell y’all

I promised to tell y’all about Friday. Here’s Friday:

My vegetarian, fiddle-playing, hat-knitting, uber-styling, Unix-dorking, zine-writing, subway-busking, bicycle-riding friend Elizabeth met me for lunch in the East Village, at a vegetarian restaurant of her choosing. Kate’s Joint really is a joint. I mean, if you imagine what a restaurant would look like that calls itself a “joint,” that’s this place. The people passing by, with their piercings, spiked or mohawked hair, tattoos, and eclectic choices in clothing were fun to watch. The food was yummy.

We talked for a couple hours, and then she went off to knit another hat, while I made my uptown to meet Amy at the Hayden Planetarium. Amy, visiting from Minneapolis, is a much bigger space geek than I am–she majored in space science in college. She explained, patiently, the things I didn’t understand as we toured. What a great place.

The show we saw in the Planetarium was lovely–I literally gasped when the star field filled the dome–but a little light on hard science for my tastes. Well, it’s aimed at a general audience and considering it was written by Carl Sagan’s collaborators on Cosmos, the science that was there was impeccable. But it’s got me hungering for more, and fortunately, the Hayden offers lectures and courses. Introduction to Space Science looks especially nice.

After the Hayden, Amy and I wandered down to Midtown and the Times Square area, which of course was swimming in tourists. We called Josh, my roommate, and had him pick a dinner place. He met us at a charming, well-run Italian restaurant in the East Village. Yummy, yummy food.

After, we dragged Amy out to Ace for a drink-up. Quite a few people turned out, including Famous Comic Book Writer Guy, who seemed nice and funny, but a little geeky. I guess we’re all a little geeky, but he was a little geekier. But that’s okay. It’s weird recognizing someone based on publicity stills…

Right. Drinkup. Not much to say. We drank and we drank. Then, we drank more. Following that, in an amazing and unexpected change of plans, we drank and drank and drank. Then I went home and slept.

That was Friday.