Busy busy

I’ve been a little busy lately to keep up with this: sending off resumes, keeping up with freelance work, visiting Bloomington friends, and making temporary housing arrangements for NYC. I’ll be living for a little while with a friend while I look for my own place. I’ll probably set up an address at Mailboxes Etc. so I have a consistent, continuous address while I’m moving around.

I need to start packing. I’ve gone through closets and drawers, but need to take stuff to Goodwill. Next up is to sift through my books and begin boxing them up. Sofa, chair, and ottoman go to Amanda; I’ll be listing my bedroom furniture in local classifieds.

When I’m at my friend’s place, I’ll be living out of a suitcase. Everything else goes into storage in another friend’s basement, here in Indiana, until I have a place of my own. Living light–with just clothes and my laptop–should be interesting.

This is overwhelming–closing up here, saying goodbye, finding a job, knowing what a huge change is in store when I move–but it’s exciting at the same time. Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m sure I’m making mistakes, but I guess that’s okay.

After the move, expect a return here to the kinds of blogging I was doing before: IP and IT policy issues, news bits, funky shit. I might split this blog out into one for my normal interests and one for moving-to-NYC stuff. We’ll see.

Crushes suck.


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