Finishing up

I really haven’t updated in a while, have I? Finishing classwork, relaxing–finally–after a pretty full semester, and beginning to dig out of the landfill I jokingly call an apartment have left me pretty busy.

I’m pretty excited. I’ve finished the work required to complete my master’s degree. I dunno exactly when to expect the damned diploma, but I hope it’s soon. I didn’t go through graduation ceremonies; they’re far too impersonal here, even at the master’s level. I understand why the University can’t recognize every graduate by name–the ceremony would take weeks–but I’d rather not be a face in a crowd. If I get a Ph.D. or a professional degree, I’ll walk the carpet then.

The professor for my strategic intelligence class–he’s also the dean of my department–made a point of telling us he seldom gives A’s in his class. A B, he says, means you’ve met the standard set out for the course, so an A or an A- go only to work that exceeds the standard. I wasn’t expecting, then, anything above B+.

I got the grade today: A -. To quote my friend Kira, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” That’s me feeling happy.

So, otherwise, I’ve been relaxing. I’m reading now Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which I think is excellent. Some reviews call it “dreamy” and “subtly disturbing” and I’d say those are valid comments. It moves slowly, but such a pace is perfect for this book. I wasn’t familiar with Murakami’s work, but I decided to dip in here after several people recommended his books on the various Web forums I frequent.

Although I’ve graduated, I’m taking one class through SLIS–a seminar covering intellectual freedom. I’m excited about this class. I respect the professor and I’m fascinated by the topic, as you might expect from someone who attended the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference. I’m more and more serious about pursuing work in this area eventually, but I need to think long and hard about how and where. Should I go to law school and study the legal aspects of intellectual freedom and privacy? Should I study political science or public affairs and look at policy issues in these areas? I think there are many opportunities and perhaps as many directions to take this, so I need to really think it over and seek good advice.

That’s all for now. My dinner just came out of the oven. I’m hoping to update the rest of my Web site soon, with new writings and pictures from San Francisco.


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