Breaking out

Monday, 29 April. 4 am.

I just finished a paper for my strategic intelligence class. It’s not what I’d like it to be by a long shot, but it’s better than I thought it would be. “Strategic Surprise in Conventional and Asymmetric Warfare” is its handle. Yep.

I just e-mailed my Python final to my instructor. I surprised myself by how utterly incapable I was to answer the first question on the final. I finally cobbled together a hack that works, but only because I cheated and didn’t implement full functionality. I’ll get partial credit. I don’t like doing that, but it was really the only way to turn the thing in on time. Sigh…. Luckily, the second question was easy to do and it works the way it should, so I’m hoping I’ll get full credit for that one.

I have one more assignment, due Tuesday at 5. I don’t expect it’ll be difficult to finish.

So, with my paper due in my professor’s mailbox by nine, I’m debating whether to sleep for four hours, turn it in, and come home and nap, or just stay up, turn it in, and come home and nap. I doubt it matters.

I am so ready to leave this town it’s hardly funny anymore.


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