Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. After nearly two years on the Warren Ellis Forum, I’ve just learned that two of its leading lights are now engaged to be married. A New York writer named Kelly Sue DeConnick has gotten engaged to a Web monkey and writer named Matt Fraction (no, “Fraction” isn’t his real name and, no, I won’t tell you what it is). Fraction lives and works in Kansas City. The two “met” on Warren’s forum and eventually began a long-distance romance. They announced their engagement today and it’s been the buzz of both Warren’s forum and Kelly Sue’s.

Although I only know either of them in this online setting, I’m actually very happy for them both. They come across as funny, genuine, sweet people and from what little I know, I think they’re well suited for each other. And I’m only a little jealous of them that they’re so happy together.

Okay, I’m very jealous.


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