A-walkin’ London

It’s been a busy couple days, and I haven’t had much time to update. A lot has happened, though, which is exactly WHY I haven’t had much time to update. Let me give you a rundown of life since Thursday. I’ll fill in details later.

Friday: Walked from Victoria Station (where EasyInternetCafe is located) to the London Eye, on the south bank of the Thames across from Parliament. Went up in London Eye and saw nearly all the city from the air. Walked to Tate Modern and saw the Surrealism exhibit. Went back to hostel, dropped stuff off, and came back out for the Jack the Ripper Walk. Ate after the walk and dropped in bed at about midnight.

Saturday (today): Went to Camden Market and bought cool stuff. Did more shopping and bought more cool stuff–some for me and some for Arwen. Met up with London members of the Warren Ellis Forum at about 1:15 at the Ben Crouch Tavern. Left Ben Crouch at 10:30. Yes, that’s right. I was in Ben Crouch, drinking, for nine hours. What’s the longest you’ve been in the same pub? Consecutively?

I’m tired, and still a wee bit drunk. I’m heading soon to bed. Tomorrow, I go off to Paris for a couple days. That should be damned cool.


One thought on “A-walkin’ London

  1. Hello. I’m surfing the net for my family name and came up with your “So Dietschy” and “Pubbin.” Our last name is pretty unusual here in the U.S. Are there more of you? I’m a native Californian still in California and interested in finding more relatives. Care to join in the search?

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