Travel itinerary

My travel itinerary, for the curious, concerned, and bored:

11 December, Indianapolis to Chicago-O’Hare: American Airlines flight 4144, Depart 3:35 PM Arrive 3:36 PM

11 December, Chicago-O’Hare to London-Heathrow: British Airways flight 298, Depart 8:15 PM Arrive 12 December, 10:00 AM

Accommodations: YHA City of London hostel, 36 Carter Lane, London, EC4V 5AB, ENGLAND; Telephone 011 44 20 7236 4965

20 December, London-Heathrow to Chicago-O’Hare: British Airways flight 299, Depart 3:05 PM Arrive 6:05 PM

20 December, Chicago-O’Hare to Indianapolis: American Airlines flight 4147, Depart 8:37 PM Arrive 10:32 PM


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