It’s been a while since I’ve updated this.

I was exhausted and depressed today. My brain’s chemistry, like most people’s, ebbs and flows. Just so happens it’s ebbing now at a time when I’m already sad about the events of last week and other things that are happening in my life. So, I’m crashing right now, and it’s not pleasant.

Strange day. I spent most of it in a complete funk, unable to really concentrate on anything. I tried taking a nap this afternoon, but that didn’t help either. I think I napped for only about 20 minutes.

I finally got the hell out of my apartment for a while and walked downtown for dinner at an Indian restaurant. Yummy. Strange thing there, though: I had my backpack with me and, to keep it out of the way, I placed it on the chair opposite. None of the wait staff seemed to know what to make of that. They’d look at my bag and then at me, quizzically, and then back at the bag. Even other patrons did the same.

After stopping at the library and talking to Anne and Shannon, I hoofed it home. On the way, I heard a garage band practicing a crappy cover of “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth,” of all things.


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