Redesigns, etc.

I just finished a relatively major update and overhaul to my site. I changed some of the headline fonts, replaced the background image, tweaked the colors, and added a bunch of new photos. There’s new text on virtually every page, or at least changes to existing text, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested enough, go read through my site.

My resume looks okay, but I still need to make some changes to my Course Information page. Just minor stuff, really, but it needs done.

Otherwise, Japanese is still a challenge. I’ve memorized most of the hatagana syllabary now, but only in one direction. That is, I can look at most of the characters and tell you what sound is associated with it. I can’t yet really go the other way, and unfortunately, I was quizzed on that this morning. I bombed it. Well, it’s only five points and at least I know my weaknesses. I’ll study up on that starting today.

I’d love to go to the IU Swing Club this evening–learn a few moves, meet some ladies, get more exercise–but I’m not sure I have the time right now.

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