Soopaman and family

So last weekend, I was in Evansville visiting my family, which is almost always the stuff of high drama, gnashing of teeth, and quickened pulses. This time, though, everyone seemed really mellow, including me, which was good.

My nephew Jake, who will be four in a month, ran around my sister’s living room with one hand tucked behind his back and the other extended over his head. He kept exclaiming, “Up, up, and away!” Later, as I was reading the comics anthology Bizarro Comics, Jake cuddled up next to me and said, “Soopaman? Where Soopaman?”

My aunt called while I was visiting. She told me that she had seen my Web site and really liked it. “It’s the first Web site I’ve ever seen!” she informed me. Huh! That’s an interesting honor, and I find it strangely flattering.


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