Radio ga-ga

I’m an insane man.

Thursday night, after much consideration, I went to H.H. Gregg and purchased a home theater audio system, which is now hooked up and pumping nice sound. Although it’s at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, it’s the full deal: receiver, subwoofer, center channel speaker, two front speakers, two surrounds.

I initially had problems getting sound through the surrounds. The receiver has a test mode that enables me to check the sound coming through each speaker. The surrounds worked fine. However, the Fight Club DVD (among others) has a section allowing you to test and set the audio and video for your system. While testing, I noticed no sound was coming from the surrounds.

Puzzled, I tested various possible problems before finally figuring out I had pushed a wrong button on the face of the receiver that disabled the surrounds from pumping out audio. So that problem’s now fixed and I watched (actually, listened to) about an hour of Fight Club last night. That movie uses the surrounds incredibly well and so it was a nice way to test them out.

But wait, as they say on television. That’s not all.

I’ve recently found myself in situations where I thought it would be useful or even necessary to have a phone handy. Getting stuck in airports, driving at night, and so on. So I’m joining the cell phone crowd. Kind of.

What I did, see, was I ordered the groovy VisorPhone that Handspring offers. It’s a Springboard module that plugs into my PDA. The face of the PDA then displays a dialpad where you can tap out the number of the party you want to call. Pretty groovy and it beats having both a PDA and a phone.

I wasn’t going to do this now. I figured I could wait, but then Handspring made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m still not sure how to dispose of the horse’s head, but Handspring is offering the VisorPhone attachment for 49 Yanqui dollars, with activation. I decided I couldn’t pass that up.

But here’s my secret shame that’s now not so secret. When I activated the calling plan, I went a little nutty. I also activated a wireless Internet plan. It’s expensive–probably too expensive. If I don’t use the damn thing, I’ll probably cancel it. But geez, it’ll be cool.


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