Marie’s world tour

I have this online acquaintance, Marie Javins, who is currently touring the world by land. You can look her up at

Anyway, she has this sponsorship dealie going where you send her 25 bucks and she sends you souvenirs from the road. The souvenirs are worth less than 25 dollars, because she uses the rest for food and lodging and so forth. I think what she’s doing is a cool thing, even though it’s something I’m unlikely to ever do. Maybe I’m living vicariously, or maybe I just want to help her do this cool thing, but I sent her some money.

So her souvenirs came in today’s post. Both things she sent are from either Thailand or Indonesia (not sure) and they’s nifty. I got a set of 10 colorful little wooden monkeys, so designed as to be strung together. They’re hanging from the lamp in the corner of my living room, dangling over my bookshelf of reference materials. They are the cutest damn things. They have these adorable little cartoon-monkey expressions that are funny to see.

I also received a nifty puppet-type thing of this old woman. The arms each have a small rod by which you can move them. They’re jointed at the shoulders and elbows, providing hours of amusement. I want to contrive a way of hanging this puppet on the wall.

Marie’s in Berlin right now, recharging her batteries and planning her trek through Africa. When she leaves Europe in a few weeks, I’m planning to send another check. I’d love to see what she’d send from Africa.


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